About us

KLIVENTURE Finland is designed to bring joy and sustainable livelihood to the community. 

What do we offer?

We provide visibility and promote Filipino weavers. Safeguard the art of weaving, as a sign of respect and show pride to my home country´s art & culture.

We furnish carefully sourced products made by talented Artisans and curated artwork designs by local Artists in Finland. 

We offer support for domestic brands thru collaboration and different organizations thru partnership. To show support and homage to the community where we live now.

What do we do & how can we serve you?

We are a product designer, innovator, curator, marketer, aggregator, wholesaler, & work closely with product makers, all in one.

We serve gift ideas, marketing plans, graphic designs, digital printing & personalized products for private individuals, corporate gifts for companies, and promotional or marketing collateral.

Our mission is to bring joy and sustainable livelihood to the community. Designed to give opportunity, encourage & inspire people to bring out their skills & talents. Sell ​ design, fashion & accessories, collectible, home decor, anything as long as the products are in line with our brand and values. The product can be mass-produced, a small series product, or even a unique work (made-to-order or by request).

We want to focus not only on the products but also on the people who created them and those who will receive them.  To sell products that connect people, give meaning and purpose. 

We want to become a multi-channel trade. We wanted to create an eco-friendly marketplace that would help both artists and artisans to showcase and sell their creations.
We understand & respect diversity.

We have understanding that each individual is unique and we recognize differentiation. Valuing diversity recognizes differences between people and acknowledges that these differences are a valued asset. Diversity enhances creativity that can lead to a more positive impact in the world. Mindfulness connects people across languages and cultures. It is vital to build present-moment awareness and respond responsibly to our environment.