The New Era of Responsible Fashion- Bayong

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Bayong Today

Ba-yóng – for Filipino it means bag, basket, made of woven palm leaves. It can also mean bird in another local dialect in the Philippines. Bayong is common among Filipinos going to wet markets especially in rural areas or provinces. Recently the Bayong is being promoted as an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic shopping bags.

Weaving is a major part of the Philippines’ art and culture. Filipinos weave different kinds of things such as slippers, hats, bags, and mats.

Making Bayong is another famous art weaving in the Philippines. It is an alternative to using plastic bags, which may vary in design and pattern due to their hand-cut nature. Locals usually use Bayong to carry their groceries as they head off to the market. The use of Bayong before is more popular in the provinces than in the cities but today it has evolved into a more fashionable style. Today, Bayong are versatile and come in different shapes and colors.


The challenge today is not only to repurpose the material from its primary function but also to design aesthetical styles, patterns, and color matches while perpetuating sustainable impact on the environment and social responsibility.

Bayong Before

This Bulusan bay’ong is made from 100 % organic materials : karagumoy strips for the body and buri string for the handle. Both karagumoy and buri are indigenous to the Bicol region.

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