Bayong Bag will survive the test of time and style.

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Bayong is very versatile and comes in different patterns and colors. Each bag is handmade by a community of men and women who sustain their livelihood through Bayong Bag making.

The good thing about this Bag is that it is made of lightweight but hard polypropylene materials. It can easily clean with water, wipe, sanitize yet stylish when you go for a picnic, groceries, or other daily errands. It´s so handy!

Introducing below are inspirational casual summer outfits we collected online. Perfect for those days when you don’t know what to wear. Most wardrobes contain an outfit suitable for all occasions. Check below and flaunt what you got.

The nice weather has arrived. Summer is a great excuse to bust out our most colorful items. 

 Wear Your Style

Wear Your Bayong

No matter what you wear, an all-neutral palette is just the thing to put you into a relaxed summer mood. 

Bayong is Your New Fashion Statement

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