Bayong Bag


For grocery bag, a picnic basket, beach bag, or your new go-to bag for daily errands. It’s easy to clean with water, wipe easily with a damp cloth when you go to a picnic, beach, or groceries.


The handmade bag is made by the traditional method of Filipino artisan and it is durable to use and always stylish.


It is made of a light but durable material. The material is recycled and can also be recycled in the future.


For all season go-to bags. The material to withstand fairly heavy loads, despite being lightweight.

a second chance

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

By using recycled materials, we slow down the process of running out of the natural resources of the earth. Help the environment and be creative by finding new ways to reduce the use of plastics in general. We can all contribute to this process by using reusable bags in our daily lives. 

We provide visibility and promote Filipino weavers. Safeguard the art of weaving, as a sign of respect and show pride to my home country’s art & culture.