Cotton Bag & Pouch

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100% Cotton Fabric


  • Carefully sourced from local retail shops.
  • Handmade, eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • Fullfilled in Finland.

Do you want to use your own textile and need only a printing service? Job Order Here

Print Technique

  • HT Vinyl (Cut & Press): The durable and cheapest printing is 1-color vinyl, suitable for printing on almost any fabric but this technique does not work out in very small details. The vinyl print is on the top of the fabric.
  • I can always help you and recommend the best suitable print technique once I examine your design.


We recommend 300-600 dpi (resolution).  When talking about online images, it would be good if the size of the image in pixels is more than 1000x1000px. Read more about digital prints

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