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To show support & homage to the community where we live now.


We’ll furnish carefully sourced products made by talented Artisans and curated artwork designs by local Artists in Finland. We will promote them on our page. This will also open an opportunity for us and other local companies to find aspiring designers and crafters or products, and services we will need in the future. We will also offer support for domestic brands thru collaboration and different organizations thru partnership.

These are the sub-menus;

Uniting both independent local artists & artisans as well as eco-brands in one marketplace is our task for our customers. Our business model works very differently compared to a traditional website. For each merchandise & artwork, customers can contact and purchase straight from the local seller, artisan, or artist. The landing page will be the original account or website of each brand and artist.

In this way, it is easy for our KLients to discover sustainable brands and support local artists and artisans, especially those start-up entrepreneurs.

Do you want to be part of this program and get featured on our website?


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