Hello Everyone!


You can call me, Ivy or Jill. I am the person behind this company. I was born an artist and I grew with a large love for different interests; photography/video, crafting, painting, music, acting, dancing, handmade products, vlog/blogging, literature, fashion, etc., and I always had an aptitude for business. I have a background in graphic designing, theater, marketing, and digital multimedia development and designs. Pursuing Kliventure in Finland is like making my vision to life.

Let me share with you a brief background of my entrepreneurial journey. In 2015 when I started running my home-based business in my country, the Philippines. Offering a variety of handcrafted products mostly personalized, pre-owned items, and sell shirts with original designs. I made souvenirs for different occasions, designed and produced corporate gifts for companies, and artist merch for sale. We have nearly seven years of existence but a decade of experience through outsourcing job and has been a provider in the digital printing services, gifts, souvenirs, corporate giveaways, promotional campaign materials, and graphic designs.

Fast forward to 2019, I open Kliventure Gift & Souvenir shop. It is a marketplace where we connect customers with artisans & artists, so anything imaginable can be created and monetized. Artwork not only for display but for the people to use and enjoy daily. Allowing them to showcase their original creations like handmade products & painting in public to get noticed and promoting them even online. Making the art ARTcessible & ARTfordable.

Now that I moved to Helsinki for good, I set up the Kliventure Finland to carry on my business programs. I don´t have a reason not to continue what I had started, pursue my passion and interest in art and entrepreneurship. I´m grateful for the opportunity to serve the country where I live now, here in Finland. I know that, with the proper execution of every program for both makers and consumers, and with good intention, this will grow, help more local businesses, bring more joy and sustainable livelihood. I do not only sell but help and serve the community in any simple way I can.

Best regards,

Ivy Jill Kärkkäinen, Founder of KLIVENTURE

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