Curated Artisan: Sinulid products are all made in our own humble home wherein our love …
Curated Artist: She creates handcrafted mandalas with concentric circles, symmetric linework, and intricate patterns.
Curated Artisan: Artisanduo make eco-friendly Macrame wall hangings and accessories, meanwhile combining with plant dye.
Upcycle with Jing
Curated Artisan: Upcycle with Jing is much more than just a sustainable fashion brand; it …
Curated Artisan: We design and create beautiful and easy-to-match handmade jewelry, with the best materials …
Wora Woven
Curated Ecobrand: Wora Wowen is a small business with a big heart.
Seni Illustrations
Curated Artist: With that same love and respect for nature and love, Seni creates other …
Camilla Häggblom
Curated Artist: Born from the humbling grandiose of wildlife while also discussing humanity and our …
Ankastan Art
Curated Artist: She works predominantly with pens, ink, and water-based media to create nature-inspired works …
Summer Vibes & Girls POP-UP Market
Learn more about their products and entrepreneurial journey in Finland.
Shop Local- Summer Market 2021
It supports your local community by shopping locally, you are directly contributing to your local …

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