30,00 1500,00 

Don’t know what to buy but want to support the local small businesses?

Are you brave enough to this kind of idea? buying without knowing what exactly you will get. (wink, wink) Do you dare to be different from other shoppers or do you love fun & surprises?

Be the first to try our Mystery Boxes! 

From one box to few boxes of different local products/artworks.

Every open is a blessing!


We want to hear something from you. These mystery boxes are so special since they are all made by love, passion, and dedication. We would like to thank you for supporting local artisans and artists. Did you know that you are making a difference in the lives of many, you are really awesome!

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30 thanks a lot, 50 you're awesome, 100 you will never regret, 200 really, OMG!, 500 are you serious?, 1500 most expensive mystery box in Finland so far.