Kraft Business Card

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New Kraft Business Card Default Style

    • One Size Approx. 8.6cmx5.4cm
    • Uncoated 220g Eco-Paper
    • Round Edges
    • Price includes 50pcs

A great choice for a minimalist yet striking effect and rustic vibe. These eco-friendly, Kraft cards work best with simple, black ink designs. It can also serve as thank you cards, instructions cards, and many other purposes.


Front Print

(max file size 2 GB)

Back Print

(max file size 2 GB)

Additional information


For orders (1000+ pcs) it is worth asking for a separate offer, message me for a quote at


3-7 Days (excluding shipping days)


No lamination cover is included in the price.
But the uncoated finish makes it easy for you to leave handwritten notes for clients and customers.
It can also serve as thank you cards, instructions cards, and many other purposes.


Submit the file to be printed, preferably in pdf, jpeg or png format with good image resolution is anywhere between 300-600 dpi.

If you do not have image editing software, enlarge it on the screen to 200-400% size. If the file looks good when enlarged and is not so blurry or pixelated and it's okay for you then it can be ready to go.


Pigment/Laser (Print & Cut): We use a pigment ink-based inkjet or laser printer. The main difference from dye inks is that pigment inks and lasers are designed specifically for fade resistance and long print life.


We recommend you add at least 2mm or up to to 2cm of extra background to the edges of your file so that they got too close to the edges of the file, otherwise, there is a risk that they will be cut off. But don’t worry, I make sure that each piece is presentably made for you.

Usually, our personalized product prices include 15 minutes of file repair time. We use this allotted time to resize your file if necessary and add extra space for cutting margin.

Texts and other important content should be kept as far away from the edges as possible. We recommend you avoid using crowded and very small text in your designs.


We are not responsible for proofreading, fixing misspelled, or creating a layout for you except if we said and you order graphic designing from us. Always double-check your file before submitting it to us.

Digital printing technology uses CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) colors almost without exception. Make sure your files are in CMYK colors. If your file is in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colors, it is likely that the tones will change (usually darker) when printed. You can change the color profile of a file in Adobe Photoshop.

Always remember that computer monitors display everything in RGB format, so the image on the screen usually prints in slightly different tones, due to the different brightness of the screen, same goes if you just edit on your phone apps.