Laser-cut Stencils

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This is great for spray painting or drip painting. The material is cut in great detail and does not stretch during use. The same stencil can be used dozens of times.

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Submit the file to be cut, preferably in jpeg or png format.

(max file size 2 GB)

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Size 21×15 cm (A5), Size 30x21cm (A4)


Stencils made of silhouette-glued stencil material are excellent for e.g. for decorating walls and textiles. Thanks to the adhesive surface, the stencil material remains well in place during decoration. The finished templates can be reused several times.


Use the stencils for painting on wood, fabric, shirt, canvas, pillow, burlap, walls, floors, table, cabinet, furniture, glass, metal, rock, gift bags, and more. You can make your own signs, posters, painted on the roadside, wood crafts, garage sales advertisements.

Easy to Use: Place them on a flat object and then Paint stencils with a brush or spray paint stencil with a spray gun.

Save big on tile remodel and simply stencil your old tile instead of ripping it out. Use adhesive primer (Stix) over your old tile, then regular latex paint and stencil.

Perfect stencil for walls – better than wallpaper or stickers. Great for Modern Farmhouse decor, Boho rooms, Kitchen backsplash, Kitchen floor painting, Stairs, Black and White Bath decor.