Lena Bayong Bag


It is made of a light but durable material. It’s easy to clean with water, wipe easily with a damp cloth, and sanitize. Stay chic, safe & stylish when you go to a picnic, beach or groceries.
  • Hard Polypro
  • With Double Lock
  • Single Toned Color
  • Unlined Woven


Additional information

Weight 182 g
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 19 cm
Product Care

All handmade are assembled separately, and each piece is unique. The size may also be smaller or bigger few centimeters. The handbags usually require some wear after receiving them to recover their original shape. Reshape them by folding and pressing the necessary edges to create a crease. To clean your Bayong, you can wipe or splash with water and allow it dry naturally.


The material is recycled and can also be recycled in the future.
The good news regarding Polyethylene is that the material itself has no negative effects on our environment unless of course it is littered. By using recycled materials, we slow down the process of running out of the natural resources of the earth. Help the environment and be creative by finding new ways to reduce the use of plastics in general.


This allows the material to withstand fairly heavy loads, despite being lightweight. It can easily be clean with water, wipe, sanitized yet stylish. It´s so handy! For all seasons, for all ages.


Giving used plastics a second chance. Polypropylene is more environmentally friendly than some other plastics. The good news is, polypropylene is a durable plastic that can be recycled over and over. Can be economically recovered and recycled into new products. It is fully recyclable and commonly used for manufacturing new products in a variety of industrial sectors. Compared to many materials, polypropylene’s structure has good tensile strength.
Have high elongation that can absorb shocks and impacts during transportation and handling.

Ethically Made

We can all contribute to this process by using reusable bags in our daily lives. At the same time promoting our talented craftsmen partners who aim to bring joy to all and a sustainable livelihood to the community. You are helping us provide sustainable livelihood to different hardworking and talented artisans in the Philippines. All are handmade with so much love and passion for weaving.

Product Photo

Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

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