Vinyl Decal Lettering Sticker- Indoor & Outdoor

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  • Price includes one color sticker decals.
  • Glossy vinyl sticker
  • Strong adhesive surface
  • For indoor and outdoor use

This is the main type of adhesive vinyl that most people end up starting with. It is a 5year+ rated outdoor safe permanent solvent-based adhesive vinyl.  It can also be used on items inside that you would like to be able to hand wash such as mugs, cups, cutting boards, etc. also known as “Outdoor” vinyl because it is water-resistant and will withstand exposure to the elements with great resilience. Although it may be used in indoor applications, upon removal, it is likely an adhesive residue will be left behind.



(max file size 2 GB)

Additional information


For different size requirements and multicolor designs, message me for a quote at Please attach the design and let us know the quantity, exact size requirements.


Images must be sent in vector or png format. If that's not possible, send me what you have and I'll see if I can work with that.


You can apply vinyl decals to your glass windows like a storefront, car windows, and more. Make your own custom Wedding Welcome sign for a fraction of the cost. Stick to acrylic boards, mirrors, wood, chalkboard,  or any smooth surface.


• The Sticker comes with clear transfer paper attached to it to make application easier.

• Clean the area of the object you would like the sticker to go. Use only water and be sure to dry it before applying.

• Prepare the decal for application by firmly rubbing a credit card over the clear transfer tape. Turn the decal over and rub it again with a credit card on the backing paper. Peel off the backing paper so that you are left with just the transfer paper and the vinyl attached.

• If any letters don’t stick to the transfer paper, put it back down and rub over it again with a credit card.

• Place the sticker in the designated area.

• Use a credit card and press down on the sticker (with the transfer paper still in place).

• Peel away the transfer paper and you will be left with the vinyl sticker. Again if any letters cling to the transfer paper, put it back in place and rub it again with a credit card.

We can't accept returns on custom vinyl and don't refund stickers that aren't applied properly. Please follow the step-by-step instructions given and message us if you need further help.


Can You Use Normal Vinyl On Cars?- Vinyl such as Oracal 651, also known as permanent or outdoor vinyl, is the best material to use for decals on cars. You can keep the vinyl on your car window for as long as you like. The item can be easily removed from your car when it is needed.


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