Stockholm International Fashion Fair

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We are grateful for this opportunity to showcase our products in STOIFF2022. Collaboration with Department of Trade and Industry Philippines/Philippine Trade and Investment Center & Philippines Embassy Stockholm. STOIFF is a unique concept being a fashion show and exhibition which aims to explore cultures through fashion and bring forward creativity, self-expression, and ingenuity. It is organized by Imane Belmkaddem– a CEO & Founder of In-ter-art Events and the Founder of the Stockholm International Fashion Fair.

My sincere thanks to Ma’am Clemencia and Clariza for organizing everything for us. I am also delighted to connect with other Filipineurs with the same vision to introduce Ph handcrafted products to the Nordic. If you’re looking for an upscale and posh Bayong, visit Lokal bayong Finland by Rann. If a chic handbag is your style and you love natural materials like pandan leaves, check the handpainted bag collection of Casa de Pinta Norway by Rina.

Of course, if you are thrifty and love simple yet practical, multifunctional Bayong, get yours HERE. In Kliventure, we offer support in any way we can for other domestic brands. We provide visibility, promote and show support to the livelihood of Filipino artisans. We also offer personalized gifts, bespoke hampers, event souvenirs or giveaways, invitations, graphic designs, & printing services as per the budget and quantity demanded by you, our valued KLient.

Stockholm International Fashion Fair 2022

STOIFF 2022 is back this year for a magical and unique event.

Date: Last 5th, March 2022
Venue: Grand Hôtel Stockholm

We encourage you to give us any suggestions of designs or products you want to see on our platform. If you have an idea of collaboration content or project you want us to do with another brand, share it with us in the comment section, and we will do our best to make that suggestion available for you.