KLIVENTURE-printhub soft-launching! Numerous professional design models offer the opportunity to create a creative and individual product.
AUTUMN SALE! 11.9 - 11.10, 2022
Discount for orders over €100.00 (11% off)
AUTUMN SALE! 11.9 - 11.10, 2022
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Print your logo, photo, text, or artwork.


Lead time for small orders is 3-7 days and for bulk or back-ordered is 2-4 Weeks.
Lead time for small orders is 3-7 days and for bulk or back-ordered is 2-4 Weeks.
Message us for a quote at ask@kliventure.fi.
Message us for a quote at ask@kliventure.fi.
Lead time for small orders is 3-7 days and for bulk or back-ordered is 2-4 Weeks.
Lead time for small orders is 3-7 days and for bulk or back-ordered is 2-4 Weeks.
Message us for a quote at ask@kliventure.fi.
Message us for a quote at ask@kliventure.fi.
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Gifting made it easy, fun, affordable, & personalized.

Tote Bag
Gift Sets
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sells a variety of stylish, unique, innovative, handmade, and customizable products. Offers personalized gifts, bespoke hampers, event souvenirs, or giveaways. We also offer printing services and graphic designs, as well as branding support.
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Design & Printed in Finland. Handmade with Love.

slow and small made
Hi everyone, I am Ivy Jill, a Filipina lady behind this company. I first started running a business back in Feb. 2015 in my home country, and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made ever since! Fast forward to 2020, I decided to continue the same in Finland. I was born an artist, and I grew up with a big love for different interests; photography/video, crafting, painting, music, acting, dancing, handmade products, vlog/blogging, literature, fashion, etc. I always had an aptitude for business. Pursuing Kliventure in Finland is like making my vision to life. I don´t have a reason not to continue what I had started and pursue my passion and interest in art and entrepreneurship. Of course, the language barrier is always a challenge for every immigrant. But this does not make me stop dreaming, trying, and working hard to achieve my goal. You may already know that we offer handmade products and customizable items. Our products can be a perfect gift for someone you know. Perhaps a wedding, birthday, Christmas gift, or company gift and promotional materials that combine ergonomics, genuine ease, elegant simplicity, and handmade, making printing a breeze and cost-worthy. But Kliventure is much more than that. Giving and receiving gifts isn't just about the gift itself. It's the fact that somebody remembered you. It's also about the brand that wants to be more visible, the small owner saying thank you to her customers or a way to appreciate your employee's hard work and loyalty to the company. Lastly, I wanted to share the great happiness I get from the simple things I created. I hope you stick around to follow me on this incredible journey in Finland as an entrepreneur. IVY JILL K. Maker / Founder

OUR VALUES ( k.l.i.e.n.t.s )

K- kindness
Have a desire to help other entrepreneurs, make a positive impact, bring joy to our customers' lives and work ethically without harming the environment. Show kindness to people and the planet in any way we can.
L- love
Everything is made with love and supports sustainable livelihood for the community. Our personalized products give a person and company a greater sense of belonging.
I- inspire
Doing something creative gives us an instantaneous boost of positivity, and we want it to share with you. Be inspired and be an inspiration to others through your creativity in design.
E- expression
The unique character of each product is a direct reflection of a community's people, different cultures, and dreams. We celebrate the differences and uniqueness of each of our products and customers.
N- nurture
We help you strengthen your social networks and enhance personal connections between customers and employees, establishing a brand and attracting clients and partners through personalization.
T- thoughtful
We provide little attention, offering services, or in some way looking out for the comfort or welfare of our customers. Making both the gift giver and recipient happy.
S- simple
We create products that are simple yet make people happy and visible brands. We provide quality products at the lowest possible price and promote fun, unique, handmade, small, and slow-made goodies.
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Let's Collaborate


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The material is recycled and can still be recycled.



Don't hesitate to contact me directly for a personalized service that will suit your requirements. My pleasure to help you and figure out the best promotional items, souvenirs, or gifting solutions for you.