Shield your eyes from the sun.

    A Meaningful Gift

    B A Y O N G


    This multi-purpose handmade bag is made by the traditional method of Filipino artisan and it is durable to use and always stylish.

    Environment Friendly

    It is made of a light but durable material. The material is recycled and can also be recycled in the future. It’s easy to clean with water, wipe easily with a damp cloth when you go to a picnic, beach, or groceries.

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    Bayong Bag will survive the test of time and style.
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    We combine factory production and craftsmanship. We sell carefully sourced products proudly made by talented craftsmen who aim to bring joy to all and a sustainable livelihood. We can nurture a relationship between producers and consumers. Every time you buy you are making a difference in the lives of many!

    We will design the most suitable gift for you. It´s our pleasure to help you find a gift for your loved ones, your company, and your community.